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Getting started with SwingScans is easy — just enroll using Visa/MC with Paypal. You’ll be sent your member login and password, plus a “Welcome to SwingScans” email with directions. It’s a monthly subscription; you can unsubscribe anytime from within Paypal.Or save even more with an annual plan.


Bonus: your rate is ‘grandfathered in’ and is guaranteed to never increase as long as you remain continuously subscribed — another SwingScans advantage!


Join us each week on Saturdays from 10:30-11am ET to get updated swing trading alerts — fully explained with live charts in these members-only LIVE “how to” swingtrading webinars. Held on our Gotowebinar platform, these are “must-see” events to learn from.


You’ll get 10 all-new swing trading stock and ETF charts with specific alerts to learn from for the upcoming next trading week (Plus 4 ‘Bonus alerts’). It’s a perfect way to discover how to swing trade professionally. The most recent 2 webinars are archived for download (high resolution .wmv video) for you as well, in case you can’t join us live.


By learning from Ken Calhoun, a widely respected MoneyShow speaker and “Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities” columnist and industry expert, you will discover updated new strategies and swing trading picks you can learn from quickly. We filter through the charts to hand-select the very best we can find for you.


Learn the best breakout swing trading patterns, in just 30 minutes each week. Seeing the difference between strong charts that move, and all the rest, is a uniquely valuable learning opportunity, because you’ll be able to pick up on the best potential trading opportunities each week.


SwingScans Gives You:

Weekly Saturday Webinars
Updated Alerts & Tips
Step by Step Swing Trading
Live Charts To Learn Breakouts
Trading Entry & Exit Tactics
Private Members-Only Area
+HD VIDEOS You Can Keep



See what an actual SwingScans Saturday trading webinar looks like! The video here shows you a preview of the professional step-by-step live webinar that our members see every Saturday.

+ Top 10 Swing trading stock charts for the upcoming week ahead
+ Step by step chart pattern explanations
+ Live video webcam training with Ken Calhoun, award-winning trader & founder of TradeMastery
+ Interactive Q&A with Ken to get answers
+ Members’ area with specific price alerts (preview)
+ Focused 30-minute Saturday live webinars

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TERMS of Service: By ordering, you agree that a) you will not make actual trades based on the alerts, because they’re for educational use only and b) you understand that due to time constraints I cannot answer individual trader emails nor support tickets about specific alerts. You understand that SwingScans alerts do Not recommend buying nor selling any specific stock or other instrument, and that this is educational content, to be used to learn chart patterns from only. No performance nor suitability claims are being made. You agree to consult with a registered investment advisor, which we are not, prior to making any investment and/or trading decisions. You agree to Not contact me asking “where’s my login/password?” until at least 24 hours after you order. By registering, you agree to keep your password confidential and that you will login from no more than a single computer (maximum 1 IP address; our security script will automatically disable passwords that are used from more than 1 IP address and/or geographic locations, to prevent password sharing). You cannot use SwingScans while traveling, eg from hotel wireless or other networks, as that will flag our security script for multiple IP usage. If you can use this from your single home or office location computer, like our members do, that should be fine. We reserve the right to cancel/terminate the membership of anyone for any reason we deem fit, including failure to follow directions, excessive support tickets, attempted multiple login locations, being disruptive during webinars or otherwise not meeting our expectations for trader conduct. In the event a member is terminated, their current-months subscription fee will be refunded (and they will be blacklisted from buying from any of our sites again). By enrolling, you agree to keep your credit card information current and up-to-date within Paypal. If any of your monthly payments fail to go through (due to expired or non-working credit card, etc) then your access and membership will be terminated. All sales final; no refunds nor prorated refunds of any kind are offered for any reason. Disclosure: No profitability nor performance claims of any kind are being made, all information is published for informational and educational use only.Welcome to Ken Calhoun’s TradeMastery & Daytrading University network of trading education sites — popular with active traders; featured in major financial media for over 15 years.