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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions / Knowledgebase


Q: How can I join monthly with Visa/MC cc (non-paypal)?

You can join at the regular $97/month rate using Visa/MC (instead of paypal) using this secure order link (click here).


Q: What does my membership include?

Answer: You get access to weekly webinars held 10:30-11am ET every Saturday, personally facilitated by Ken Calhoun. Includes chart discussion and at least 10 swing trading alerts for the upcoming week ahead. Plus access to a members’ area with tickers and specific alert prices to learn from.


Q: What’s posted in the members’ area?

Answer: The members’ area shows you 10 new stock tickers (plus 4 bonus picks) with specific entry prices, updated weekly on Friday evenings, for the upcoming week ahead. You’ll see the list of SwingScans weekly picks: you get the tickers of charts we covered during each week’s live webinar, updated weekly for you. You’re also automatically registered for LIVE Saturday 10:30-11amET webinars with Ken (includes Q&A!).

BONUS: Now you’ll also get to Download a high-definition video of each week’s webinar, in case you can’t join us live…New feature by popular request. The most-recent 2 webinars are available for download.


Q: What types of stocks and ETFs do you provide alerts and training for?

Answer: You’ll get alerts and training for stocks & ETFs with the best combination of volume and volatility; usually priced $20-$70/share with at least 1 million shares per day volume, and at least 1-2 points daily trading ranges.  You get the best of the midrange $20-$70 type stocks to focus on each week in SwingScans.  If you prefer stocks under $10/share, instead you should see my new Small Cap Scans service.  Or join both if you want maximum coverage (each sold separately).

And during times where the markets sell down or pull back, you’ll get expanded coverage for swing trading the short (bear) inverse ETFs, which go up during market selloffs (like FAZ, QID, VXX and others). Perfect for all types of market conditions.


Q: How soon will I get my login/pass information?

Answer: You’ll get your login/pass within 24 hours of registering. Please be sure to register no later than 24 hours prior to the upcoming Saturday session you want to start your membership with. Do Not register Saturday morning and expect to get immediate access; we manually set up your login/pass credentials in our membership admin area, which takes time. Allow 24 hours After you order to get your login credentials. If you’ve registered and 24 hours have passed and you do Not see your welcome email, then check your spam/trash folders carefully. If it’s still not there, contact us by simply clicking the blue “Support” tab at bottom left of this page (or contact us at ) no later than the Friday night before you need access to the upcoming next Saturday webinar.


Q: Is there any replay or download videos in case I miss a Saturday?

Answer: YES – by popular request, the most-recent 2 weeks’ webinar replay videos will be available to download (in high resolution), included with your membership! Yours to keep.


Q: How do I cancel, if I wish to stop my subscription?

Answer: One advantage to Paypal subscriptions like this is that you can login to your Paypal account and cancel anytime yourself, without contacting me. Note however that if you cancel and then want to rejoin, you must wait a minimum of six months before rejoining. We don’t want the administrative hassle of indecisive people joining, quitting, rejoining and so on. Traders who join for a few months, then quit, often then realize the error of that decision and ask me if they can rejoin again soon after quitting (they miss getting my alerts); unfortunately I must say no. All sales final; no refunds nor prorated refunds of any kind are offered for any reason. Also if and when I raise the rates and you’re not currently a subscribed SwingScans member, you’ll need to re-join at whatever the current rate is. By staying continuously subscribed, your rate will never go up.


Q: Will my SwingScans subscription rate ever increase?

Answer: No — as long as you remain continuously subscribed you are ‘grandfathered in’ and your rate will never increase. Your rate that you’re locked in at will never go up, so long as you stay actively subscribed. Another SwingScans advantage.


Q: Where’s my gotowebinar link?

Answer: Your gotowebinar link is automatically emailed to you each week.


Q: Do you have any performance statistics?

Answer: No; as with all my training we make no profitability nor performance claims of any kind (in compliance w/SEC regulations). All information is published for educational use only.


Q: Are there refunds or putting time on hold?

Answer: No, all sales are final for regular monthly/annual memberships (though your initial $7 trial is fully refundable). And like a cable tv/internet subscription, there’s no pausing or putting time on hold; subscriptions are continuous from the date you join.


Q: Can I login from multiple locations or while traveling?

Answer: No, by registering you agree to login from a single computer at a single geographic location only (maximum 1 IP address security threshold). This is to prevent unauthorized password sharing. Do not join if you cannot agree to limit your logins to a single computer at your single home (or office) location. Our state-of-the-art security tracking system auto-disables logins if they exceed this threshold. If multiple IP addresses are detected then your membership will be terminated, due to noncompliance with this tos/terms of service.


Q: May I ask any trading questions? How?

Answer: This is primarily designed to be a professional alerts service, held during fast, focused Saturday events. Due to the volume of emails/support tickets we get, we cannot answer any trading or other questions via email/support ticket. We can’t answer questions about charts other than those 10+ selected for each week’s SwingScans alerts. You may however ask Ken one or two brief trading questions related to charts we’ve covered during the live Saturday webinars if you wish…another SwingScans advantage.


Q: How is this different from, and ?

Answer: has no webinars, it’s a weekly educational alerts service primarily for stock swing traders for stocks priced $2 – 10/share. has no webinars, it’s a daily educational alerts service primarily for stock day traders. is my premium live trading room with over 3 1/2 hours of live-market trading webinars each week (Tue/Wed/Thur 9:15-10:30), mainly for stock day traders with live-market entry and exit calls and in-depth training (we also cover ETFs in my live room). SwingScans is weekly Saturday 30-minute webinars with a market outlook of top-moving swing trading charts in the $20 – $70/share range for the upcoming week ahead (including brief Q&A). So each service is for different trading styles. All services sold separately.


Q: Is this for Forex traders, too? Or day trading?

Answer: No, this is specifically for NYSE/NASDAQ Stock and ETF swing traders. For day trading see my live room (available separately).

Q: Why should I trust you?

Answer: That’s the most important question of all. Well unlike most others, I let my traders tell you on my behalf. See the overwhelming number of trader video testimonials about the quality of my training (filmed at my live seminars, very rare in this industry). Only trust trading educators like me with Trader Video Testimonials. That’ll quickly separate out those few of us worth learning from, from all the guru chart-talking salesmen bs that unfortunately dominates the trading education industry. And of course your own two eyes — try this out for yourself, first-hand to see just how valuable SwingScans can be for your potential trading success. We make no performance claims of any kind; it’s for educational use only.